logo-6060 OD4CH is a research funded by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies as part of the Politecnico di Milano FARB project (university fund for basic research).
The research is carried out between May 2015 and April 2017.

The main goals of the research are:

  • Test, evaluate and boost the role of ICT and web-based/open spatial information system in the fields of heritage preservation and re-use, cultural landscape information communication and planning,  history of architecture and Cultural Heritage .
  • Re-discuss the possible definitions of Digital Cultural Heritage extending it to: digital traces of heritage fruition, history of the lesser known artifacts and places, stratification of change processes.
  • Effectively widen the  shared use of ICT and Open-Data in cultural heritage scientific research considering the possible operational impacts in renovation and reuse actions at different scales.
  • Explore relationships between digital knowledge-making and: social perception of landscapes, layering of tangible cultural heritage, place-based story-telling.
  • Define the main characteristics of open information systems suitable for heritage re-use design actions.  
  • Raise awareness in the use of open data for the cultural heritage, helping to improve standards making sharable sources.
  • Work on the relationship between cultural heritage and its values, its history, its perception and representation, its usability, its economic and social aspects.